59.99 USD

The best vehicle shop is coming back with a new version!

Supported Frameworks

  • Latest QBCore

A small look at our special features:


Each vehicle in the store will have a limited number of times you can buy it, which will be restocked daily!

(the days and the number of units of the vehicle are configurable)

Test drive:

Each player will have the option to test-drive the vehicle before purchasing it!

The player will be charged for the test drive (a price you can configure in the config file).


The player will have the option to inspect the vehicle before purchasing it, you can rotate the vehicle with your mouse and zoom in/out with your mouse wheel!

Color Choice:

Before purchasing the car, the player will have the option to choose a specific color for the vehicle!

(You can add/change colors in the config file easily)

Optimized/Bug fixes:

We've learned a lot from the past release and now we optimized the script and we fixed every bug we ran into!

Code Accessibility:

  • The code is fully accessible (Client/Server/UI) - you can integrate the resource into a custom framework!
  • There's a config file so you can change main functions and options very easily!